Having trouble sleeping?

Unrecognized sleep apnea might be

your ability to

get quality sleep.

Are you experiencing:

Daytime sleepiness
Interrupted breathing during sleep
Waking from gasping or choking
Morning headaches, dry mouth, or 
sore throat

Get better sleep in 3 simple steps



Video chat with a doctor to approve your easy-to-use at-home sleep test.



Take the test at home with our device that records your at-sleep breathing patterns and automatically shares results with the doctor.



Receive your results, and get a therapy recommendation from a doctor, if diagnosed. You’ll be able to shop for treatment options directly from our site!


How does the device work?

This device uses sensors to collect information such as:

Which type of sleep apnea events you may be experiencing (central - a pause in breathing due to brain signals or obstructive - a pause in breathing due to airway obstruction)

Breathing rates, as well as oxygen saturation levels, 
and heart rate

Your true sleep time

How much time you spend in each sleep stage

Snoring and body position

See why our home sleep tests have a 4.9 rating

I didn't realize until after the sleep test how bad it really was. I have now been to my normal doctor, a local sleep center, and a heart doctor. All signs point to the accuracy of this test.

David C. · Verified

Test was easy to order, a great price and the best was to take a sleep apnea test in the comfort of your own bed. Excellent and fast consult and test results.

Madison R. · Verified

The staff was great to deal with, and I had an answer to my sleep issues within a couple days. Compared to any doctor visit I've ever had this was
a breeze.

John M. · Verified

I am truly grateful for the Sleep Doctor's home sleep study test and just fair pricing on the equipment to help me with improving my sleep even further. Thank you

Dawn G. · Verified

When I found out that you could do it at home, in your own bed, I immediately purchased. It was quick, easy and I had my diagnosis within the week. I never had to leave my house.

Courtney T. · Verified

Completely satisfied with the results, price point as compared to sleep lab. and impressed with the technology of the process and data collected.

Terry J. · Verified

The Sleep Doctor Difference

Sleep Study Features
Lab Sleep Tests
Sleep in your own bed
Comfortable equipment
3 points of contact on your body
multiple wires and sensors
Data sent automatically to your doctor
Easy to schedule and/ or reschedule
Equipment delivered to your door
Quick availability
2-4 business days
3 - 6 weeks
(can be over
6 months)
Low cost
$500 - $4,000+



and approved

Endorsed by Michael J. Breus, PhD, 
The Sleep Doctor

Clinical psychologist, Diplomate of the American Board of Sleep Medicine, Fellow of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine

Frequently asked questions

Will the sleep test cause sleep problems?

Some people who take our at-home sleep test experience anxiety during the night, which can make it hard to fall asleep and lead to inaccurate results. However, we're confident you'll be more comfortable and relaxed in your own bed than if you participated in an overnight sleep study at a sleep center.

For most people, the test can gather enough information after one night – even if you are nervous and experience sleep disruptions. If you sleep 2.5 hours or less, you should consider retaking the sleep test.

How does the at-home sleep study work?

The WatchPAT features a wrist sensor, pulse oximeter, and chest sensor. The device uses three points of contact – the wrist, finger, and neck – to collect data for seven key sleep apnea metrics.

The device measures central and obstructive sleep apnea events, true sleep time, snoring, breathing rates, oxygen saturation levels, heart rate, your body's position, and how much time you spend in each sleep stage.

Designed for comprehensive results, our sleep test helps your doctor make an informed diagnosis and therapy recommendations. The WatchPAT's sensors send data directly to a doctor via your cell phone's Bluetooth.

Do you need a prescription for sleep apnea therapy?

CPAP machines and face masks are federally regulated medical devices in the United States, so you'll need a prescription for these components – both of which are essential for CPAP therapy. You can obtain a prescription by completing a sleep study or test, then receiving a sleep apnea diagnosis from a board-certified physician.

Better sleep starts with a simple test

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