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How the Home Sleep Test works

1. Video chat with a doctor

1. Video chat with a doctor

2. Take the test at home

2. Take the test at home

3. Receive your results

3. Receive your results

Benefits of a Home Sleep Test

Order, test, and get results, all from home
Save money while receiving high-quality care
1-on-1 consultation with a sleep doctor, personalized to you
All your personal sleep data at your fingertips

Endorsed by Michael J. Breus, PhD, The Sleep Doctor

Clinical psychologist, Diplomate of the American Board of Sleep Medicine, Fellow of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine

Doctor Recommended and Approved

Meet with one of our expert sleep docs from your own bed.

Home Sleep Testing vs Lab Sleep Testing

Conveniently improve your sleep from the comfort of your own bed

Sleep Study Features

Comfortable equipment (no wires, no beeping, no clamps, no 1-way mirrors)

Sleep in your own bed

Data sent automatically to your doctor

Easy to reschedule

Equipment delivered to your door

Availability (how soon can I start?)

2-4 business days

3-6 weeks

(can be over 6 months)




(average was $3,075 in 2022)