28-Day Sleep Wellness Program

An on-demand video and email based sleep coaching routine designed to improve your sleep one day at a time, featuring renowned sleep doctor Michael J. Breus, PhD.

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  • The Better Sleep 
improvement guide

    People learn in many ways. For our book readers out there, we created a comprehensive 70-page guide detailing all our sleep improvement strategies and science behind the behaviors.

  • Personalized daily sleep recommendation emails

    Daily emails are delivered to your inbox each morning giving you proven and easy-to-use sleep improvement strategies that you can put into action the same day.

  • On-demand sleep tip videos

    Follow simple tips laid out in daily emails with easy-to-view video messages to optimize your day for a great night’s sleep. 

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Follow simple tips laid out in daily emails and easy-to-view video messages to optimize your day for a great night’s sleep.


Learn how to improve your sleep environment, from mattress and pillows to foods and room temperature.


Receive daily emails and related videos giving you a new step or habit to help improve your sleep. Access the exclusive video series whenever you need a refresher.

Better sleep in just 3 minutes a day

Getting the sleep you need and deserve can sometimes feel impossible, but doesn’t need to be.

The 28-Day Sleep Wellness Program incorporates proven, science-backed methods to focus on improving the behaviors that have the biggest impact on sleep. These small changes you make in your everyday life add up to make a big difference in your overall sleep quality, and most importantly, how you feel after a good night's sleep.

Dr. Michael Breus, PhD

Michael Breus, Ph.D is a Diplomate of the American Board of Sleep Medicine and a Fellow of The American Academy of Sleep Medicine and one of only 168 psychologists to pass the Sleep Medical Specialty Board without going to medical school. He holds a BA in Psychology from Skidmore College, and PhD in Clinical Psychology from The University of Georgia. Dr. Breus has been in private practice as a sleep doctor for nearly 25 years and is a sought after lecturer and his knowledge is shared daily in major national media worldwide

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