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Help for Side Sleepers

As a side sleeper I have had great difficulty keeping a mask seal while using my CPAP. The cutouts on this pillow have helped greatly. I change from side to side throughout the night. My mask seal is much better now, not perfect but much better.

At-Home Sleep Apnea Test

Receipt of written sleep test results and CPAP prescription

Completely satisfied with the results, price point as compared to sleep lab. and impressed with the technology of the process and data collected.

Great travel CPAP...just not a perfect travel CPAP

I love this CPAP for travel! I do have two small issues that keep me from giving this a 5 star review! First, I wish I could have two CPAPs on the same account in the ResMed MyAir app! Second, I wish the humidx cartridge didn't blow so much air out so loudly. The air blowing occassionally interrupts my sleep and oddly chaps my lips.

Worked great!

The report that was given using this device was surprisingly detailed. Would recommend!

Perfect for kids

This machine helps my child with disabilities sleep better.

Beware which masks you can use

One of the issues with this travel pap is it is made to ONLY use a ResMed mask. I cannot use any ResMed masks. I have tested many paps and masks and the only mask that I can use is made by Fisher Paykel. Are department explained this to many patients and recommended they just take the regular pap.

Love my Apap

I couldn’t be more happy! I sleep like a baby now!

Great service

Rachael G. always returns emails when I have questions. Can’t thank her enough.

Great value, timely, accurate diagnosis and equipment selection

This review contains how I arrived at, the schedule, the process, and the results. Read on if you like. In late May, I checked many of the “symptom boxes,” started with a physical, referral, visit to the next Dr., home sleep study, make an appointment, wait. The timeline with the traditional process appeared I would get a CPAP in early November. Frustration with the bricks and mortar establishment led to Sunday evening the end of July, I filled out the questionnaire, paid for the consultation. Monday I had a 5 minute review of my condition which led to the home sleep kit arriving Thursday. I hooked up that night, Bluetooth connected to my phone, uploaded in the morning. The next week, I had a 20 minute results call with the Dr., and ordered my gear which arrived soon after. Total timeline was 2-1/2 weeks. The price was competitive with any other source. Frankly, it is not easy sleeping with a mask on your face. The reduced probability of stroke, heart issues, memory loss are worth it. After 5 days I noticed my brain was clearer, I was better able focus, no longer craved a nap- all this with the same or fewer sleep hours. After two weeks I lost 5 pounds with no other lifestyle changes. Don’t hesitate, do it!
Andy, Stuart, FL


I am pleasantly surprised at how easy and comfortable the test watch was to use. I have done the other sleep test where you sleep at their facility and are hooked up to 100 wires. THIS is the best!

Your One Stop Shop for a CPAP

Surfing the web can be a pain for the right company to do business with for medical supplies - well if you found this review you found the right company. These folks are legit, helpful, economical and most importantly the product is as advertised (NIB) new in box. The staff is more than helpful - like did you know based on age I assume you can ask your Dr. for a "lifetime" CPAP Rx and you never have to go thru the insurance drills of studies, lab notes, etc. ever again! - 5 Stars is all I can give them - they deserve double that for the ease of doing business with them.

ResMed AirSense™ 11 AutoSet CPAP Machine

At-Home Sleep Apnea Test


Love the hose at the top instead of out the front.

Helpful chinstrap

Easier than most but still scratchy where it touches the face

Home sleep study

Very easy to do

Simple to use

It's easy to use, very simple to understand instructions. Put it on and sleep. However as far as I understand you had better be ready to sleep once you put it on and start the study because once you start you can't stop. Just a friendly heads up. Would and have reccomended this to a friend

Sleep Apnea Test
Ellen Sullivan
Lots of info

It was hard to believe that something so simple could give such detailed feedback. It was easy to use and I learned a lot about the way I sleep and what I can do to get help.

Sleep is now so much better!

I received the Starter Kit quickly! The very first night I used the Bongo EPAP I slept all night. I’ve been using it for a month now and not only do I sleep better, I don’t need the head straps, and I wake up happy and ready to go!

At-Home Sleep Apnea Test

Super easy and fast process

Easy steps, and testing. It was great having someone go over my results. Overall experience was wonderful.

Just right for travel

It's compact but fully functional. Easy to set up and the app is informative. After a couple of nights on it I'm happy but I still need to learn how to ramp up the pressure quicker. It starts and stays at 5 cm H2O too long which is not quite enough for me. I definitely need to add a heat and moisture exchanger because I get moisture in the tubing. I hope it lasts for a few years of intermittent use.

Sleep Apnea Test
Pasqualina coreno
Never worked

The machine sent to us never worked and we were unable to contact anyone to get a replacement.