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Works great and fits perfectly. I’m so glad I found this. My CPAP had fallen and the reservoir had a little crack in it. My usual supplier didn’t have a replacement and I was looking at a big problem. But then I found Sleep Doctor and problem solved.

Very easy to use. Very convenient way to get your sleep monitored.

My air leak

It fixed my air leak. Perfect!!

Almost perfect but wears out within 30 dayd

The mask is great, and that it fits perfect and it allows for no leakage. This is only true for the first couple weeks. You use it after about 14 days it begins to lose its ability to keep a good seal and within 30 days you just need to replace it completely. This makes it a bit expensive, as you need to replace the mask every 30 days. Even with the discounted price for a subscription it’s still a little expensive. The silicone mass in the same style works. OK it does tend to more but if you can’t afford to buy this mask I would definitely get the similar model that is made of silicone . This particular mask has a foam weatherstripping style overlay. You do not want to get it wet or you will destroy it. Anyone tell you to clean with alcohol is foolish. In the first photograph, you’ll notice a little little dimple near the bridge of the news area. This is because my nose happens between a large and a medium mask so I have to use the large mask. Doesn’t totally fit perfect and it tends to get a depression over time. Plus, the oils in my skin tend to degrade the foam overtime. The picture of this mask is only a week old , and it already has a set around the nose area

Under the nose mask

Comfortable to wear


Easy to replace

It works great

It works great

Easy to use and comfortable

The mask is very comfortable, easy to wear and use.


I like the chin material. Still slips a bit. I’m going to try a hair clip.

Excellent quality

Very well made and very comfortable

A must have for sleep apnea

Excellent quality machine. Very quiet and easy to maintain.

5 Stars

Same mask insert I always use, decent price and fast delivery


I wish it had a way to chill the water and air in the unit.

Never received, nor got a refund

sleep test

A surprising amount of valuable information from such a small device. Much more sleep compatible than going to a sleep center and some strange room and bed.

Sleep Apnea go away

Easy to use.
Hopefully I get the diagnosis I’m looking for


Been several weeks and still have received the results. Sleep test was easy

Sleep Test

Test seemed to work well. Instructions were very clear.

Just waiting on the results.

An excellent alternative to in center sleep studies

This was way faster, cheaper, more convenient, and all around better to waiting the 3-6 months for an in center sleep study. The only part that could be improved is the finger probe, this probe was extremely itchy and uncomfortable, but I am still extremely satisfied with the overall experience.

At-Home Sleep Apnea Test
Stephanie Labbate
Easy to use. Highly recommend

Was easy to use. Comfortable to wear. Got a thorough explanation of the study results from the rep

At-Home Sleep Apnea Test