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Smart Nora

Smart Nora

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Sale price $35900 Regular price $39900
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Smart Nora is a revolutionary snoring solution that uses advanced technology to detect and prevent snoring, allowing for peaceful and uninterrupted sleep for you and your partner. It is designed for side, back, and stomach sleepers and is fully customizable for the highest level of comfort. The device is also portable and silent, allowing for convenient use both at home and while traveling.



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How it works

Keep your favorite pillow: Designed to work with any type of pillow.

Customize for your comfort: Customize sensitivity and inflation settings.

Contact-free, hassle-free: Nothing to put on your face or in your mouth.

Silent and portable: Functions in silence; compact and portable for travel; comes with rechargeable batteries.

What's in the box

  • Pebble (2.4" x 3.7" x 0.5")
  • Felt box (4.5" x 10" x 7.3")
  • Expander
  • Universal charger (Comes with a universal adapter that works in North America, Europe, South America, but not Australia.)
  • USB cable for pebble (59" each)

Who's it for

Works for side, back, and stomach sleepers: covers the entire length of your pillow.



How long does it take to get results with Nora?

We want to give everyone the opportunity to test Smart Nora and ensure that it’s right for them. We recommend using Smart Nora for 7-14 consecutive nights in order to achieve optimal results. Manu users see results in the first few nights, and majority of our users experience a reduction in their snoring after 7 consecutive nights of using Smart Nora.

How does the motion of the pillow not wake up the snorer?

Once the motion of the pillow becomes a familiar element, you will no longer notice it. In fact one of the functions of our brain is to recognize familiar elements in the sleep environment and ignore them.

Many Nora users don't feel the motion of the pillow from the first night. Depending on how much of light sleeper you are it can take you up to 14 nights to fully get used to the movement. The years of uninterrupted sleep afterwards are certainly worth it!

Will Smart Nora work if I sleep on my side?

Yes. Smart Nora's Pillow Insert has a folding structure that rises equally across the length of your pillow. This way, you can put your head anywhere and sleep in any position. Whether you prefer to sleep on your back, stomach or side, Nora will still provide a gentle rise and fall motion under your head to stimulate your throat muscles and reduce your snoring.

Can I use my own pillow?

Yes! Smart Nora is designed to work with your favourite pillow. The slow movement of Smart Nora’s insert is transferred through the pillow to your head, so the thickness, shape, or softness of your pillow doesn’t effect Smart Nora’s performance. While you can use any pillow type, we do recommend using a queen-size pillow (50 x 70 cm / 20 x 30 inches) to ensure Smart Nora's Pillow Insert is edge-to-edge under your pillow.

Can I travel with Smart Nora?

You absolutely can and should!
The battery in your Nora device has only 3.8 WH (watt hours), well below the FAA threshold.

How is Smart Nora different from other snoring solutions?

Other solutions attempt to reduce snoring by putting your head in a specific position (like specialty pillows), or by physically moving your jaw and tongue (like mouthguards a.k.a. Mandibular Repositioning Devices) which are uncomfortable.

Smart Nora interrupts snoring with a fundamentally different method. By using a gentle movement Nora stimulates the muscles that support the airway. The airway resumes its normal open position and the snorer's breathing stays silent. No need to wake up or get forced to sleep in a specific position.

Nora's movement only begins when you are about to snore to prevent you from going into a loud snoring episode.

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Smart Nora

Sale price $35900 Regular price $39900
Shipping calculated at checkout.
Sale price $35900 Regular price $39900
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