A sleep coach for every age

Baby (0 to 15 months)

Give your baby the foundation they need from the beginning.

Baby Coaching

Toddler (16 mos to 3 years)

Build sleep habits with a tailored plan that's unique to your family.

Toddler Coaching

Pre-K and K (3 to 5 years)

Discover the root of your child's sleep problems.

Pre-K Coaching

School-Aged (5 to 12 years)

Get help with sleep challenges that can come with age.

School-Aged Coaching

Every Kid Is Different

What worked for your parents might not work for you. Our coaches partner with you to analyze your specific situation, lifestyle, and preferences to come up with a plan that's tailored to you and your little one.

Meet your coaches

Nicole Morales, Pediatric Sleep Consultant

With over a decade of experience in pediatric sleep consulting and newborn care, Nicole specializes in nurturing infants and guiding parents through the delicate stages of early childhood. She provides tailored solutions to ensure restful nights and harmonious days for both babies and families. Her dedication to empowering parents with knowledge and support has earned her a reputation for compassionate guidance and effective strategies.

Kira Covill, BSN, RN, Pediatric Sleep Consultant

Kira is a pediatric registered nurse with over 17 years of experience, most of which has been spent in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). In her role as a pediatric sleep consultant, she helps families establish healthy sleep habits for their children and improve the overall well-being of the whole family. Kira has a personal understanding of the challenges that come with helping babies sleep well, as she two young sons who also struggled with sleep early on.

Newborn and infant sleep coaching

For new babies up to age 15 months, your coach will help determine sleep training techniques that work for your family and your unique situation. Issues we commonly see at this stage are:

  • Confusing days with nights
  • Frequent nighttime feedings
  • Sleep regression
  • Not falling asleep on their own
  • Crying through the night

Toddler sleep coaching

Chasing kids that are on the move can be exhausting. Pair that with sleep challenges, and it's a recipe for total burn out. Our toddler sleep coaches help kids aged 16 months to 3 years with issues like:

  • Transitioning from crib to bed
  • Waking up too early
  • Refusing to fall asleep
  • Separation anxiety
  • Nightmares and night terrors

Bright-eyed parents and babes agree

Join the tribe of excited parents experiencing the power of improved sleep.

WOW! Rebecca's knowledge will transform how you think about sleep for your little one. I am so thankful and grateful for her support and expertise. She is smart, kind, caring and will support you through you what is otherwise such a stressful experience. I would highly recommend working with her.

Lauren F., Verified

We reached out to Sleepably when my daughter was about to turn a year old. She wasn't a bad sleeper, but I was struggling so badly with her naps. We signed up for the 2-week program, and our coach was supportive, personable and seemed to really care about our family and our child's sleep. If you trust her and follow the plan with tons of communication your babe will be sleeping in no time!

Chelsea F. · Verified

I can’t tell you enough how grateful and happy I am to have chosen Sleepably for training our 5-month-old. She was sleeping 2 hours at night and napping for less than 35 minutes. My husband and I were so exhausted and sleep deprived. Our coach guided and supported us throughout the training and she was always available to answer questions. Our baby now knows how to fall asleep alone without any help and this has been our greatest gain.

Brenda A., Verified

The combined medical expertise and warm counsel of our coach helped save our family after months of our newborn's poor sleep. The day before I contacted her, my son woke 10 times overnight. Within our first week of working together, he slept through the night. My husband and I are inexpressibly grateful to our coach and for the existence of Sleepably.

Megan M., Verified

Sleepably is a lifesaver. We desperately needed help getting our little guy to take naps on his own after my maternity leave ended. Our coach worked with me to come up with a plan that I was comfortable with to help him take longer naps and learn how to self-soothe, without the cry-it-out method. We’d be losing our minds over here without all of her help and expertise!

Taylor C., Verified

Preschool sleep coaching

Coaching for this age group typically starts with working to discover the root of your child's sleep problems to put a stop to them once and for all (and to all a good night). Sleep coaches for 3 to 5-year-olds typically work on:

  • Waning off of naps
  • Going to bed too late
  • Waking up too early
  • Refusing to sleep in their own bed

School-aged sleep coaching

There aren't a ton of sleep-challenge resources out there for older kids but our coaches specialize in helping kids aged 6 to 12 fall asleep and stay asleep. Primary concerns with this group include:

  • Screen time interfering with bedtime
  • Kids coming into your room throughout the night
  • Waking up too early
  • Making you stay in their room until they fall asleep
  • Fear of sleepovers/sleeping away from home
  • Daytime sleepiness, especially at school

Frequently asked questions

Do you use the cry-it-out method for babies?

This is a strategy that can be utilized in sleep coaching, and it's also a strategy we can stay away from. It's is really a parent-led decision and based on whatever is best for that family and that child. In our experience, it can work faster if we do some elements of cry-it-out, but that doesn't mean that's our only success strategy.

Are you going to make us stop co-sleeping?

As registered nurses and certified infant sleep specialists, we do advocate for children to sleep in their own environment so that they get the best quality sleep possible. So that could be something we work towards — breaking that habit of sleeping together in the same bed or room.

Do you coach multiple children from the same family?

Yes! Twins are the most common, but we coach kids of different ages all the time. It does require having separate coaching plans and coaching support for each sibling: a 4-year-old might be a good fit for the 1-week program while an 8-year-old would be a candidate for the 5-week sleep school. We would work with the 8-year-old directly, whereas we would work with the parents on the plan and support for the 4-year-old.

Does this program work for kids living in separate households?

Absolutely. We will meet with everyone involved in your child's care via Zoom: mom, dad, grandma, maybe a nanny is involved with napping or putting to bed — everyone is invited. We'll go through the plan and highlight where to start. Maybe it's bedtime, if that's our biggest battle. We'll try the plan for a minimum of three days and touch base once a day via phone, text, or the Rested app. From there, it's adaptable. We'll work together and discuss what we're seeing and what we need to continue working on.

How do I know this is really going to work?

Similar to if you are going to a doctor for, as an example, chronic anxiety or stomach aches, we're going to try a lot of things. The goal is always that we will make improvements. We can't say with 100 percent certainty that we will get your 4-year-old sleeping 11 hours every night with no wake-ups. But we can promise to be responsive, professional, and to make improvements.